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Accelerate Your Basic Belly Dance Training with RakasaFit

I often encounter new belly dance students that presume they need to first learn the basics before participating in RakasaFit. Let’s set the record straight – RakasaFit™ is ideal for basic training. Beginners can visualize each shape as they aim to trace it with their bodies, maintaining focus while working though variations and towards proficiency, building a strong foundation in physical conditioning and movement quality. And because the format is logical and consistent, those new to belly dance can develop faster proficiency.

Three women in outdoor belly dance training.
Photo by Al Martinez

Hand-drawn graphics of RakasaFit shapes.

A RakasaFit online member recently wrote:

"I like the fact that you've taken bellydance and made it into a workout, like Zumba! I've been dancing for just a few years now and have felt like bailing because there are so many skills to learn under the belly dance umbrella. So, thank you for making your classes simple and efficient for this hobbyist!"

An ideal training plan would include 1-2 traditional belly dance classes per week plus 1-2 RakasaFit™ workouts. For this reason, many RakasaFit instructors also offer beginning belly dance basics classes. In addition, focused training on each move is available through the Magical Belly Dance Moves in Minutes series in the RakasaFit online membership, separate from the workout.

Logo_Magical Bellydance Moves in Minutes

Video screenshot_Magical Bellydance Moves in Minutes

Full RakasaFit™ classes include a warm-up, 4-7 workout combinations, and a deep cool-down stretch. With this structure you can build your customized workout by selecting and learning from the combos in the membership, or simply follow the existing workouts. You can even just practice 1-2 combos per week and get results!

Eventually, you may become curious about creating your own combos. The RakasaFit™ method gives you a clear framework for this, and is an important part of the instructor training.

Women doing the RakasaFit core fitness belly dance workout.
Photo by Chris Yetter

RakasaFit complements traditional belly dance classes. With its well-structured, logical, and modifiable format, it frees you from thinking about choreography so you can go deeper into your fitness and movement quality. Traditional belly dance classes generally combine moves into choreography, and the transitions can be challenging to follow. With RakasaFit™ you'll be physically and mentally tuned to follow this and dance your heart out without the distraction of whether you're doing the moves right.

RakasaFit is a flexible and powerful add-on for anyone new to belly dance or just working on the basics. It is equally powerful for experienced dancers too, but we’ll save that for another discussion. RakasaFit™ attracts people of all levels who like belly dance and value the opportunity to get a great workout while doing it!

RakasaFit participants at Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival.
Photo by Al Martinez.

Are you a student incorporating RakasaFit™ into your basic training? Or perhaps a teacher offering RakasaFit along with traditional belly dance classes? We’d love to know more about your experience! Please comment below.

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