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RakasaFit™ is a core fitness program encompassing belly dance with strength building cardio into one invigorating and rejuvenating workout -- a truly feminine form of training that supports all levels for improved stamina, stability, range of motion, technique, posture, physical expression, and strength in all activities! As a unique, effective, and fun alternative to the gym routine or as a perfect compliment to existing activities, RakasaFit™ is an excellent way to stay in shape! Come sweat with us!


Each class includes a warm-up, belly dance workout combinations infused with strength-based cardio, and a deep cool-down stretch. With its well-structured, logical, and modifiable format, RakasaFit frees participants from thinking about choreography so they can go deeper into their fitness and movement quality.

Join online and in-person for classes and follow RakasaFit Worldwide on Facebook for updates. Also join the RakasaFit FB group!

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Monthly subscribers have unlimited access to over 35 instructional videos of full workouts, combos, belly dance move breakdown, written guides, and more! You can expect clear and comprehensive instruction with high quality audio, and new videos and resources continually added. Ideal support for your training. Try it! You may cancel anytime. Learn more >


The benefits of RakasaFit are many, and teaching RakasaFit is the perfect way to get the most out of them! Teach in any location and online as a licensed RakasaFit™ instructor, backed by lots of ongoing support, including music, publicity materials, routines, and more.

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Everybody! All are welcome. Those who like Zumba or similar dance fitness programs will enjoy the nonstop dance energy and exciting world music in RakasaFit. Those who like Pilates, Yoga, and Barre will enjoy the deep core conditioning of RakasaFit and its fun applications in belly dance. Those new to belly dance can develop faster proficiency because the format is consistent and modifiable to all levels with extra support available through instructional videos inside the membership. More advanced belly dancers can boost technique, stamina, and movement quality, and bring their best to their performances! And all benefit from the toning, strengthening, and conditioning.

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