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Register for Online Instructor Training

RakasaFit™ Instructor Training and Certification can be completed independently online. Scroll below for details and submit the form to register.

"The RakasaFit online training program is so accessible and thorough! After I moved from the Pacific Northwest I was so grateful to have an opportunity to become a Rakasafit instructor via the online program. The resources on the website are solid and educational and I am now part of a worldwide community of instructors. I love the blend of fitness and bellydance!" — Lisa in California

Components of the online training:

  1. Complete and submit the registration form below with training fee ($250).

  2. Receive confirmation email with instructor member* discount code, study materials, and next steps.

  3. Study the materials online – 

  • RakasaFit™ Method 

  • Skills, Benefits, and Assets 

  • Selected practice videos 

  1. Take a RakasaFit™ workout class (complimentary with registration).

  2. Pass the written exam (allows for up to 5 questions missed).

  3. Attend an online orientation (2 hours via Zoom).

  4. Submit two videos – OR – submit video #1 and take five classes.

  5. 1) Video #1 - Teaching an existing RakasaFit™ workout combo.

  6. 2) Video #2 - Teaching a combo designed by you based on format guidelines.

  7. Feedback is provided, which can sometimes lead to a follow-up submission.

  8. If selecting to take five classes in lieu of submitting a second video, register for the remaining four classes (first class is included in the instructor training and required for everyone) with any RakasaFit instructor. And as a RakasaFit member, you have a 30% discount on classes with Suzanna.

  9. Submit a photo for publicity.

IMG_0680 (2).JPG

Example timeline:
There is flexibility to work your way through the online training components at your own pace. The sooner you complete the mission, the sooner you're certified! But if you end up needing to extend your timeline, that is also okay. At the latest, all components must be completed by 12 months after the date of your live online orientation. Below is an example of a typical 20-week course timeline.

  • Week 1 - Register for the training and receive confirmation email.

    • Registration confirmation includes a 30% discount code to establish instructor membership* which contains the study materials in preparation for the orientation, exam, and video submissions. Confirmation may also include a private link to purchase your preferred RakasaFit shirt (and classes, if applicable) with the instructor discount.

  • Week 2 - Take a RakasaFit class.

  • Week 3 - Live online orientation. Orientations are generally scheduled on a Saturday several weeks after initial registration. The date is confirmed between the trainer and participant(s). Upon completion, Video #1 is assigned.

  • Week 10 - Video #1 due; feedback in 2-5 weeks. Video #2 assigned.

  • Week 17 - Video #2 due (if applicable); feedback in 2-5 weeks.

  • Week 18 - Submit a photo to be used for publicity.

  • Week 20 - Instructor agreements available** for e-signature followed by access to the RakasaFit™ instructor media kit, which contain materials to launch your RakasaFit classes –– logos, images, flyers, class descriptions, class proposals, and more!

*RakasaFit monthly membership is offered to instructors at a 30% discount -- $9.79 USD/month instead of $13.99 USD/month. To access study materials and maintain certification, membership is required, a hub with lots of continually updated instructor resources and training materials. No future re-certification fee or mandatory workshop is required. If you're already a monthly subscriber, you'll have the option to switch to an instructor account​.

**Instructor agreements are provided when all components are submitted.

Online vs. In-Person

Online vs. In-Person Training

The requirements and components of RakasaFit's online instructor training are somewhat different from those of the in-person training. Either option offers unique valuable benefits. Below are some notable comparisons:

  • The online training involves preparing and submitting videos. The process of making a video typically involves careful refinement of your presentation with repeated recordings, which results in a higher level of proficiency when compared to the presentations of in-person training. With this increased proficiency, instructors are more confident and likely to start teaching classes sooner.

  • In-person trainings offer a greater sense of community, mutual support, and comraderie between colleagues and friends than online training.

  • Formal and detailed written feedback is provided with the online training, whereas feedback with the in-person trainings is verbal and shorter. A submitted video can be played innumerable times in order to take careful notes, whereas feedback with in-person workshops is based on notes taken on-the-spot during the presentation.

  • Submitting the Video #2 requirement with the online training means you now also have a video ready for submission to the RakasaFit membership if requested.

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