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Volume 1


Official RakasaFit™ albums can be found on most music platforms, with 60 minutes of invigorating Middle Eastern and world music remixes to energize your workout! Download or listen through the links below. Tracks are listed in the order of the suggested playlist but feel free to modify as desired. Certified RakasaFit™ Instructors have permission to use this music when teaching.

RaqasaFit Square Album Art 1.jpg

Volume 2


In this edition, song labels according to their workout sections are not referenced within the song titles online, thus refer to the parenthetical labels below. In addition, below is a document with direct links to each song, where available.

  1. Enta Omri (Warm Up)

  2. Ayoun el Soud {Workout}

  3. Ansak {Workout)

  4. Sawwah (Workout)

  5. Cedars of Lebanon (Workout)

  6. Eftatah (Workout)

  7. Desert Euphoria (Workout)

  8. Guzal (Workout)

  9. Oasis Soiree (Sequence)

  10. Mirage (Sequence)

  11. Magic Carpet (Cool Down)

  12. Garden of Eden (Cool Down)

RaqasaFit Square Album Art 2.jpg



Additional music selected since the official RakasaFit™ albums were compiled can be found here. These may eventually be presented in future albums.

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