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Instructor Training and Certification Workshop:

Tacoma, Washington - USA
November 12th, 2022
  • Complete and submit the registration form below with training fee.

  • We will then email you all the important information about the workshop.

  • We will email you the videos to review before the workshop.

  • Complete the training and receive certification.

  • Within the week that follows, we will email you a link to the instructor agreement with an e-signature option.

  • Upon receiving your signed agreement we'll send you the instructor discount code for your RakasaFit membership. *

  • Upon receiving notification of your RakasaFit membership, we'll send you a media toolkit with materials to start your RakasaFit class - logos, images, flyers, class descriptions, proposals, and more.

IMG_0680 (2).JPG

*RakasaFit monthly membership is offered to instructors at a 30% discount -- $9.79 USD/month instead of $13.99 USD/month. To maintain certification, membership is required, a hub with lots of continually updated instructor resources and training materials. No future re-certification fee or mandatory workshop is required. If you're already a monthly subscriber, you'll have the option to switch to an instructor account​.

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