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Through RakasaFit, Suzanna intersects decades of dance and movement experience in Middle Eastern, African, jazz, contemporary, ballet, theatre, fitness, and more. Belly dance has been a prominent part of this journey, enabling her to heal many inhibitions from her youth and reclaim her feminine power. This journey has also opened the door to her global travels, which now include Africa, Europe, North America, and Brazil. 

Studying with masters of Egyptian dance, producing multidimensional events, and teaching and performing for over 17 years, she is passionate about empowering women, art, and community, and dissolving artificial boundaries to facilitate peace. While working in Niger, Africa for example, she assisted villages with the use of theatre as a tool for family planning and reproductive health education and community decision-making.

Throughout her performing career she’s been a member of several companies (Fleurs d'Egypte, Forge Dance Theatre, and TaWaSol World Dance Ensemble) and a soloist in hundreds of venues. She has also earned degrees in theatre, political science, and public management, which have enabled her to work for a variety of organizations while fortifying her own.

She has produced and collaborated on hundreds of shows featuring dance with live music, theatre, and more in top performance venues as well as non-traditional environments. In support of her local and international work she has received several awards from University of Washington and King County 4Culture.

Throughout Suzanna's 17+ years teaching belly dance as an art form and movement practice with weekly classes, workshops, and private coaching, she has discovered and refined universal learning patterns and methods, which formed the basis of the RakasaFit methodology. By 2017, RakasaFit was officially launched, along with her joy of making the timeless and universal movement practice of belly dance accessible to all!

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