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Beyond RakasaFit, a vast world of belly dance awaits. Watch a belly dance performance! Learn the art of belly dance and discover performance opportunities!

RakasaFit founder and trainer, Suzanna, performs throughout cabarets, concert halls, and other venues, often in collaboration with live musicians and other artists. Throughout her professional belly dance career she has been a member of several companies, and a soloist in hundreds of venues.

In addition, she has put many others in the spotlight, producing award-winning events by Suzanna & Friends. Check the calendar for all upcoming shows >

Prohibition Grill - 161 (2)

With over 16 years of experience in the field, Suzanna offers special workshops and private coaching on the full spectrum of belly dance, mentoring her students for performance opportunities. And if she is acquainted with other teachers in your area, she will also happily refer you. Learn more about private coaching >Discover all of this and more on the Suzanna & Friends website>

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