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Monthly membership provides unlimited access to over 35 instructional videos of full workouts, combos, belly dance move breakdown, and more! You can expect clear guided instruction with high quality audio, and new videos and resources continue to be added. And your membership helps support the continuation of this program! RakasaFit is a single woman-owned and operated program. Thank you for your support!

If you're a current member, log in/out access is on the upper right corner of any page.

Nincsenek elérhető csomagokAmint lesznek megvásárolható csomagok, itt fogod látni.
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RakasaFit™ membership includes the Magical Bellydance Moves in Minutes series -- deep breakdown of each belly dance move with clear guided instruction and good quality audio and video. Spend a few minutes learning or perfecting the move of your choice!

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