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In addition to being a powerful art form, belly dance is a powerful movement practice focused on deep engagement of the torso, hips, thighs, abdominals, shoulders, feet, and spine, igniting new creative energy from the center and new ways of moving that complement other activities. Belly dance is also known for bringing emotional, mental, and social well-being. Harnessing these benefits in a fitness format that brings people of all levels and walks of life together, Seattle-based belly dance professional and fitness devotee Suzanna Davis founded RakasaFit™ in 2017.

"It was amazing to be in the body and move so freely and to be out of the mind."
— Manu, participant

The name “RakasaFit” is inspired by the Arabic word for “dancer” and combined with fitness. With a structured and flowing nonstop format, RakasaFit™ encompasses belly dance and core fitness into one invigorating and rejuvenating workout. Classes include a warm-up, workout combinations infused with strength-based cardio, and a deep cool-down stretch. Each combination drills one essential belly dance shape (a circle, figure eight, or wave, for example) with multiple variations, a structure that enables participants to think less about choreography and simply focus on movement quality.

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It's like a mix between yoga, belly dance, and aerobics, but it's like this really deep technique that gets you at your core."

— Amber Sway, RakasaFit Instructor


It was fun! I didn’t feel like I was working out (though I was definitely sweating) because I was too busy feeling sexy and confident.”

— Sandy at Java Gym, Starbucks HQ

RakasaFit is based on a principle of “we all belong.” It is designed for all levels and to support all individual goals, whether for pursuit of belly dance as an art form or just to enjoy a different workout. In any case, it’s a perfect cross-training workout for anyone! The combinations are basic but the workout is challenging, enabling all participants to benefit. For some, RakasaFit may even open the door to further belly dance training with more specialized classes and workshops.

RakasaFit is also a simple way to bring people and friends together around a rejuvenating activity to get centered and aligned for the week ahead. When we physically embody the elemental shapes of the universe, we find ourselves feeling more connected to ourselves and one another. We have fun and enjoy the journey.

As a professional belly dancer, it helped me repeat some of the things I learned from the very beginning and really get it back into my body in a very technical way. I was able to focus on my form and really get into the technique of those movements that I still need to have down really well to perform. And a great workout too, so it keeps me fit."  — Nancy, Professional Belly Dancer

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In-person classes are available in various parts as well as online instruction, and this continues to expand. Pre-pandemic locations include north Seattle and south Puget Sound, and classes currently operate throughout Hungary. Find info on our Classes page and also join the RakasaFit group on Facebook to get updates and post your inquiries.

Online instruction includes live streaming classes and a membership program with over 35 instructional videos of combos, belly dance move breakdown, full workouts, and more!

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